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Building a successful web presence requires much more than just great website design, it requires a strategy that focuses on achieving desired outcomes. With every website we build, we identify the primary ways in which your visitors will be using the site and we craft a plan to accommodate each of these use cases. By giving thoughtful consideration to branding, messaging, and usability, we can help steer the user experience and ultimately maximize conversion rates.


Create an exceptional user experience. A unique, rewarding engagement for your audience will evoke positive feelings about your company and brand, which can create everlasting impressions.

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4 Tenets of an Exceptional User Experience

Let's talk about the two types of site visitors coming to your site. There are the explorers and the seekers. The explorers want to bounce around your site. Whether it's learning more about your company or your products and services, your website needs to be easy to use and enjoyable to navigate to keep users interested and entertained. The seekers on the other hand know what they want, but don't know where it lives, so it's important your design, navigation and content work in tandem to make it easy for the seekers to locate the information they desire.

    Your messaging needs to be captivating. It needs to be punchy. But it also needs to be informative. It needs to inject personality into the site. People want to hear your voice. What makes you unique? What makes you special? What makes you better than your competition, and why should people choose you? Messaging is the backbone of any website, and it is the foundation on which your brand is built.

    Great design needs to function as both engaging and informational. It needs to "wow" your audience, but it also needs to instruct users on what content is most important. The content on the page is meaningless if no one reads it. Good design formats and shapes the content. Great design brings the content to life and lifts it off the page. Lastly, great design is intuitive. It helps navigate the user to important elements on the page and on the site.

    The navigation is seen not just in the header at the top of your site. Navigation is seen throughout. It is in your content and your design. Users don't navigate websites in a linear fashion. The movement is organic. The explorers click and read and watch what is interesting to them. Seekers navigate the site in different ways. They use the navigation, but also the content on the page, therefore every page needs to address navigation. If your content and design are firing on all cylinders, navigation should follow.

    Your site needs to be functional. Not only do the components of your website have to work - that's a given - but they need to be intuitive and easy to use. Whether its filling out a form, updating a shopping cart, or entering payment info, it's crucial that the user experience is seamless. Any cracks in the armor will lead to user abandonment which can cost you a fortune in missed opportunities.

We incorporate these four tenets into our thought process every step of the way. Contact us to initiate a conversation.

Web Apps

At Widely, we accept all challenges. We work with startups and established companies seeking a technology partner that will help plan, execute and scale big ideas. What do we mean by a “technology partner?” We will help brainstorm with you; we will advise before fulfilling requests; we will help you keep costs down; ultimately, we will do everything we can to ensure your project is successful.

Whether you need a simple website, app or a full-blown SAAS platform, we have the expertise to deliver. We’ve built a wide variety of solutions that include features such as dashboards, geocoding, mapping, image editing, elearning, email tracking, data analysis, and data visualization. We give careful consideration to usability, security, speed, backup, and scalability with every project we engage.





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