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Widely Interactive offers mobile app development services for startups and well-established companies in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and across the US. We help our clients save big on development costs and enjoy a shorter time to market by using a cross-platform native approach. This allows us to develop using only one code base rather than programming twice for iOS and Android.

All development is entirely in-house and never outsourced. We therefore have complete control over every stage of production to ensure the highest level of quality and client satisfaction. From project discovery to product launch, a project manager will work closely with your company every step of the way.

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Widely Interactive was recently recognized in the Phoenix Business Journal's Book of Lists among the top ten Mobile Application Development companies in Phoenix

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For a mobile app to be successful, three conditions must exist: necessity (people need it), awareness (people know about it), and usability (people enjoy using it). If you’re missing one of those, you’re in trouble. But if you have a strategy that addresses each, you’re likely to succeed. Enter Widely Interactive. We'll help you every step of the way by brainstorming ideas, assessing risks, avoiding common pitfalls, and executing with ingenuity.

mobile app discovery phase

1. Discovery

Everyone has an app idea. But without a plan for how it will be executed, ideas aren't worth much. In this phase, we help breathe life into ideas by conducting brainstorming sessions, performing research, designing wireframes, and proposing a strategy to execute your mobile app idea.

mobile app prototype phase

2. Prototype

A necessary step for mobile application development, prototyping helps us test and refine the initial user interface (UI) design by simulating functionality in an interactive environment. The end result of this phase is an executable mobile app with navigation, controls, and page transitions. The prototype will then be used as a model for development.

mobile app launch phase

3. Launch

We are champions of the lean startup approach. We therefore believe the launch of your mobile app should include only what’s necessary for a minimum viable product (MVP). This keeps costs in check along the journey to validating the demand for your mobile app idea. Once the MVP is launched and the idea marketed, you will either achieve product validation or have the feedback you need to pivot in a different direction. The MVP will provide the feedback loop necessary to make such decisions.

mobile app scale phase

4. Scale

The mobile app has launched, your idea has been validated, and your marketing strategy is driving rapid growth - now what? It’s time to scale. Scaling is about effectively managing the success of your mobile app. There are two components: performance tuning and feature improvements. Your infrastructure should always support a substantial threshold beyond what is currently needed, and your product should undergo continual improvement based on your feedback loop of ratings and reviews.

Have a killer app idea? Need a mobile app developer? Let's talk.

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