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Understanding the audience and the industry comes first when considering the brand identity. In this case, consistency and simplicity were key in creating a sophisticated look.

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The team at Relative Value Partners (“RVP”) needed an overhaul of their brand, namely their logo, website and collateral. We competed with several other firms to attain the business and won based on our strategic approach, quality of work, and competitively low pricing.



RVP provides wealth management services for institutions and individuals of high wealth. It was important to establish the company as a leader in their industry while maintaining a vibrancy and updated, polished look to the brand. Messaging was essential in differentiating RVP from its peers and communicating their unique approach to wealth management.

Creating the brand identity for RVP started with the logo. Painstaking effort was placed in understanding the company’s identity and objectives in order to maximize the effect of the logo. Additionally, we established other identity essentials such as image themes, colors, fonts and graphics to create a cohesive package of design elements. These elements combined with the unified messaging provided us with the tools we needed to generate a consistent look, feel and voice across all media, from the website to the brochures, PPT templates, business cards, data sheets and other collateral.

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What’s cool about it?

  • We created a look, feel and voice for our client that maintains consistency across all media, thereby creating stronger brand presence and recall value
  • The elevated branding and messaging provides better sales and marketing tools to attract high-wealth individuals, translating to potentially millions of dollars in ROI
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