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KH Webb

KH Webb Architects designs multi-million dollar homes throughout the state of Colorado and across the world. In 2019, Principal Architect Kyle Webb received permission to showcase a premiere property his company had spent a decade building and designing for a single client. The property had recently listed for sale to the tune of $78 MM and Kyle was finally able to unveil his work.

The Project

When we set out to design the UI, our goal was to draw as much attention as possible to the stunning work. We went big - big with the imagery and big with the messaging – but were sparing and minimal with extraneous elements. This not only reinforced the minimalism of the brand, but kept the attention on the work. We also explored animation, but were careful not to make it a distraction like it so often is. Instead, we chose to keep the animation subtle, but interesting and unique.

The website was built in WordPress from the ground up using a fully customized theme. There are 16 content pages and 35 portfolio pages, and all content on the website is managed through built-in WordPress features and custom back-end modules.

Love the team at widely and the amazing website they created for us!
Kyle Webb
CEO, KH Webb Architects

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