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I can now safely say we’re experts in developing email engines. Any doubters will receive one hundred emails instantly.

- Jay Belfore, Software Director

The Idea

The founders of Agent SOI imagined a solution where real estate professionals could effortlessly send email newsletters and flyers to their clientele - think Constant Contact for Real Estate. The challenge was to develop an extremely sophisticated SAAS platform, but with a simple and intuitive user interface that would require essentially no learning curve. What’s more, the software would need to be capable of sending up to 200,000 emails in one batch while tracking deliveries, opens, bounces, and clicks for recipients.



On the front-end, we built a single-page web app in custom javascript and html without the use of any frameworks. We did this for two reasons: flexibility and speed. The app quickly loads most of the resources needed on initialization and then makes lightning-fast API calls on each screen to load data. Real estate agents can import their email lists, upload and crop images, pick an email template, send emails, and track various metrics all in one short sitting.

On the backend, we used Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a wide variety of tasks from hosting and storage, to batch processing emails and queuing notifications. We have processes running continually that crunch data, update the database, and send alerts to appropriate parties. To comply with anti-spam laws and email best practices, we created a proprietary algorithm that polices bad behavior and suspends abusers automatically.

The final product is an end-to-end solution comprised of a website, e-commerce subscription system, and a highly scalable SAAS product.

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What’s cool about it?

  • Users can send up to 200,000 emails with one click
  • Tracks email deliveries, bounces, opens and complaints
  • Integrated with 3rd party software that verifies email addresses before sending to them
  • Has self-monitoring software that can suspend spammers automatically
  • Responsive, editable email templates

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