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Posted 10/1/2022 by Jay Belfore
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People want to be entertained. The attention spans of today’s internet users are short and intermittent. It’s therefore crucial that your website offers a user experience that is as engaging as possible. Animation will do just that.

Major advancements have been made during the last few years in the technologies used to animate web-based content. However, it has been slow to achieve ubiquity across the internet. This poses an opportunity to have your website stand out beyond the fray.

How Can Animation Improve My Website?

It’s all about the conversions. You’ve heard the term before, but what do we mean by conversions? A phone call, a form submission, a new email subscriber, a product sold - these are all examples of conversions. It is the result of successful marketing efforts. Everything your website does to entice visitors will improve your chances of converting them to customers. And animation is no exception. Despite the fact that animated websites have been around since the days of Adobe Flash over a decade ago, people are still intrigued by websites that utilize animation effectively. It excites their attention and provokes curiosity.

Good Use of Animation vs. Bad Use of Animation

Animation, however, can be abused. There is an art and a science to it. When used effectively, animation will engage users and result in a higher conversion rate. Poor use of animation, however, can disrupt the user experience and result in user abandonment.

A few examples of how animation can be used effectively:

Banner Videos

These nifty videos that appear at the top of homepages and other primary pages can add some excitement to your website. Drone footage, product footage, contextual videos and explainer videos are great ways of implementing this feature.

Highlighting Important Points

Animation is a useful tool for drawing attention to certain content within a page. Whether it be a call to action or a compelling statement, animation can be used for emphasizing key elements.

Interactive Components

Adding interactive features helps to engage visitors with your brand by giving them tools to explore your content.

Loading Content on Scroll

Animation can be used to encourage visitors to scroll down the page and to add fluidity to the content and imagery that loads.

Does Animation Slow Down Websites?

Yes and no. Yes, it adds to the total download of a webpage. But no, not to the degree that it will cause a significant slowdown in page speed. We’ve been able to successfully meet and exceed all of Google’s benchmarks for fast page speed performance with animated websites we’ve developed.

Featured Websites With Animation

Here are a few examples of animated websites we developed.

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