The Power of Email Marketing

Posted 11/30/2020 by Ryan Belfore
email marketing

Email marketing has proven to be a highly successful marketing medium. In fact, on average email generates $38 for every $1 spent. That’s a 3,800% return!

Based on those numbers, it’s clear, email marketing still punches well above its weight as a highly effective way to increase business. Whether you’re a large or small to medium size business, if you have an established customer or prospect list, but have not seized the opportunity, I implore you to consider the wealth of potential business you are missing.

Case in point, Arizona Bead Blasting - a company that cleans and rejuvenates pools - has been a client of ours for over 10 years. They’ve been very successful in using organic search and digital marketing to drive traffic to their site. Their on-site conversion rate is exceptional, and over the years they have accumulated thousands of email addresses from their contact form.

Recently, we worked with Mark, the CEO of Arizona Bead Blasting, to initiate a “winter pool rejuvenation” email campaign to drive business during the out-of-season winter months. We collected all of his email prospects who had agreed to receive emails from him over the last 5 years. We scrubbed the list of any improper or defunct addresses, and designed an email campaign to promote the winter special.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. We deployed the email to a list of 1,280 addresses on a Sunday, and by the end of the day Mark received 30+ emails and 10 phone calls. 50% of those who reached out booked a pool rejuvenation and Mark anticipates as the weather cools further, he will receive more bookings on top of that. To put this in perspective, he was able to double sales for the month with just one email blast.

Here is a breakdown of all the stats from his first email (more emails are on the schedule):

Client: Arizona Bead Blasting
Campaign: Winter Pool Rejuvenation Specials
Target List: 1,280 email addresses


  • 38% opened the email
  • 30+ leads called within the day of deployment
  • 50% of those who called, booked a pool rejuvenation
  • Sales doubled for the month

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