Website Design and Logo Design


Intellient offers technology-based solutions for the aviation transportation industry. With clients such as Phoenix Sky Harbor, San Francisco International Airport, and San Diego International Airport, Intellient is a leader in their field. However, their former website wasn’t impressing any prospective customers. Craig Fuller, the founder and president, decided he needed a website that was as stunning as the quality of work he provides to his customers.

The website we built for Intellient was developed in WordPress from the ground up using a fully customized theme and only 3 plugins. There are 24 pages in total, and all content on the website is managed through built-in WordPress features and custom back-end modules. To bring the content to life and to emphasize important call-outs, we added an animation layer that responds to page scroll and other interactions.


Company Page

1. Navigation

We emphasized the brand by animating the logo on every page. The animation is symbolic of the solutions Intellient delivers: multiple moving parts that together form a networked system.

2. Messaging

Using animation and scroll triggers, we came up with a creative way to display the themes Experienced, Process-Driven, and Accomplished.

3. Testimonial

Rather than displaying a typical testimonial slider in a particular place, we decided to sprinkle testimonials throughout the website.

4. Call to Action

At the end of each page is a prominent Call To Action with a bright "Send Us an Email" button to draw focus and direct visitors toward a clear Call to Action.


Project Page

1. Animated Lines

On most pages, we added vertical lines that respond to scroll. These helped to visually indicate that a certain header refers to a following section.

2. Results

To emphasize that Intellient is results-oriented, without explicitly stating it everywhere, we used animation to draw focus to Project Results on Project pages.


GT Metrix Speed Test

Performance Grade: 99%

Structure Grade: 98%

Despite using lots of images and animation, the website passes all web vitals and has a high speed score.